The soulful power of Asabi Goodman's vocals is finally on vinyl!

Title: 'Rhythm's Got Soul'
Artist: Blunted Stylus ft. Asabi Goodman
Release: 2 track single - 4/5/2024

Rhythm's Got Soul is the highly anticipated collaboration between the renowned singer/ songwriter Asabi Goodman, and producer/arranger Geoff Boardman A.K.A. Blunted Stylus. The combined impact of supreme vocals and powerhouse production, brings authority and intrigue to the dance floor and has "groove and style" reminiscent of the back-to-back, wall-to-wall packed dancefloors of the fever-pitched disco era, steady spinning in at 115 BPM.

The Brisbane based artists bring original songs and compositions realised with collaborative efforts of the close creative community. The musician's recordings and sessions audio from  K-Rasta Studio Brisbane, were tracked, (sometimes sampled), arranged and mixed, at the Hangmad Production House by Geoff Boardman, resulting in a fresh new emerging sound. 

Asabi is an American born, Australian entertainer consistently performing in stage and screen productions, and touring with bands and Broadway musicals (Hairspray! The Musical, CHICAGO).
Asabi's vocal ability effortlessly elevates from 'sweet and soulful' to 'commanding and powerful', all the while showing unmistakably that her passion for the audience, and respect for the song is at the heart of every performance.

Geoff is an Australian producer, avid record collector, and co-founder of the ground breaking sample-funk group the 'RESIN DOGS' (1996-2005).
From the days of cutting his teeth in mixtapes, and volunteering at community radio at 4ZZZ in 1988 (arguably the golden era of hip hop) hosting Australia's first dedicated Hip Hop show "Just2Def" that aired for 1 year. Four Jazz-funk sample albums under his belt, 'Rhythm's Got Soul' arrives cued-up ready! The track highlights Geoff's ability to blend his time proven sample ethic into a resonating dynamic disco experience.

Back Cover HMAD705 Rhythm's Got Soul

The single release:

"Rhythm's Got Soul" bursts through the stratosphere 'all frequencies blazing, treating the listener to pitched horns, filtered drums, those sultry Asabi vocals, reinforced by the everlasting bass from Andrew 'Bigfoot' Leslie. Momentum steps up with the rhythm guitar of Dave VHS, accompanied with vamp keys and hectic percussion.
The SOULICITORS are the band on this release 'sitting in the groove', syncopated and loose after the MPC4000 sample treatment, a sort of new paradigm of band-samples soul-fusion exploration! free your mind and the mirror ball will follow.

 "Rhythm's Hot" (Afro Instrumental) is a monster cut on the flip, a relentlessly persuasive percussion groove, well timed transitions spread smooth like butter, akin to Midnight Marauders chords, styled across  'A Taste Of Honey' bassline for example, on an Afrocentric trip building up to the disco-fever instrumental strut.

"Thank you for supporting Australian artists, new music, and expanding the creative community".
Asabi and Geoff.

HANGMAD PRODUCTIONS Brisbane Australia copyright - 2024

LIMITED EDITION 7" 45rpm vinyl - Black 
LIMITED EDITION 7" 45rpm vinyl - Clear-Sound Splatter. for Vinyl purchase
Digital download available now Blunted Stylus for Bandcamp Digital download

contact: Asabi Goodman

25th Anniversary of Lazy Grey's 'SAFE AS SOUND' featuring Len-One.

Hangmad Productions proudly present "SAFE AS SOUND'' the 1998 Australian underground Hip Hop classic.
Rescued from the High-Speed dubbing cassette decks at skateparks and backyard BBQs on its 25th Anniversary, and freshly mixed-down from the original tracking sessions, and re-mastered for vinyl and digital release 2023, for the first time on vinyl!

SAFE AS’ first featured on Blunted Stylus album “3” (cassette only) 1998,
Written by Lazy Grey and Len-One, the combination of their lyrical flow and broad Australian accents, combined with simplistic, witty rhymes, engrained countless catchphrases into the mind of the listener. Samples composed by Lazy Grey, tracking recorded and mixed at Jigzaw's Chop-Shop, Coopers Plains, Brisbane.

"No one can stop this rhyme-duo, from East to West…" Lazy Grey.

SAFE AS SOUND (Remix) appeared the same year on the Lazy Grey album 'ON TAP', feat' Len-One. Produced and pieced together by Blunted Stylus, solely composed of Australian Jazz/rock/funk samples, it takes the mood dynamics to a completely different soundscape.

"Now watch this unfold, as I break this down, the Australian crown, a distinctive sound…" Lazy Grey.

About the physical release:
The BLUNTED STYLUS - LIMITED EDITION 7” SINGLE SERIES just gets stronger, with another two certified classics back-to-back, professionally packaged in a striking "Safe-As" picture sleeve. Lazy Grey and Len-One are pictured on the back cover performing at "The ZOO" launch night Brisbane. (photograph by G. Boardman).

Both tracks have been respectfully mixed down from the original Hangmad Productions session recordings, then re-mastered specifically for 7" vinyl by Khesrow Rasta @ KRasta Studios Brisbane, Australia.

The name 'Blunted Stylus' refers to a worn record player needle,
as stated in a general warning on the back of 1969
-70 RCA records....
Beware the blunted stylus!”

BLUNTED STYLUS, Soul-funk-jazz breaks, Hip hop jams,
remixing & arrangements, 
sampling & production,
with many contributors since the early 1990's.

First release HEMPATITIS in 1995.

Historically the first 2 vinyl Hip Hop records from Queensland Australia 1997.
Released on Hydrofunk records.

Blunted Stylus: A.K.A. Jigzaw Geoff, founding member of RESIN DOGS
with Dj Katch & Dave Atkins 1996 to 2005.
Produced and/or remixed: Lazy Grey, Jungle Brothers, Brothers Stoney, Stone Fox,
Kerbside Collection, Groove Therapy podcast  radio theme 2SER, Koolism, + more.
Recorded with: Renee Geyer, Robert Reed of Trouble Funk, Spikey-T.
Collaborated with The Pharcyde, Koolism, Good Buddha,
Toby Gee.
Hosted Jus-2-DEF Hip Hop show 1988 with Bizze-B on community radio 4ZZZ Brisbane Australia.

BLUNTED STYLUS limited edition 7" single FIZZ-LA - Feat' Lazy Grey / RE-FIZZLA - Brothers Stoney

HMAD702 features two highly regarded classics,
both with their own place in Hip hop history...
FIZZ-LA feat' LAZY GREY, the 1st Rap on vinyl out of Queensland Australia 1997,
produced by Blunted Stylus and released on
HYDROF 01 the 1st catalogue number on Hydrofunk Records!
The 1st Hip hop label releasing vinyl out of Queensland.

The SINGLE MIX is a previously unreleased arrangement of Fizz-La,
edited and mastered for vinyl by Jigzaw for Hangmad Productions.
The early 2000s was huge For Australian Hip Hop, with RE-FIZZLA,
the BROTHERS STONEY "Heavy hitter, snare hats n' bass kicker"
appearing on the RESIN DOGS album "Grand Theft Audio".

Hempatitis 25th Anniversary artwork

Produced and pieced together by Jigzaw Geoff and DJ Fib

"A kaleidoscope of jazz, funk, blues, and soul exactingly pieced together, rhythmically manipulated, and interpreted through the language of hip hop"

Originally released in 1995 on cassette tape, now for its 25th year anniversary, Hempatitis has been lovingly remastered and pressed on coloured vinyl. This LP comes with a full colour cover, a colour insert - which includes production notes on each song and a history of the project. Also included is a bonus 7" single.